Ysgol Griffith Jones

Miss K Evans's Class

Hywel 2


This class is a Welsh medium class for pupils in year 4. We have a spacious and bright classroom filled with resources, such as a whiteboard, a computer, reference materials and subject specific resources. These are used to enhance and support learning. Colourful display boards exhibit the pupils’ work across all curriculum areas.

Themau Bl 3 a 4 / Year 3 and 4 Themes


Tymor yr Hydref / Autumn Term

Tymor y Gwanwyn / Spring Term

Tymor yr Haf / Summer Term



 Cylch 1 / Cycle 1


Esgyrn, Gwaed a Phethau Ych a Fi / Blood, Bones and Gory Bits


Castell a Dreigiau / Castles and Dragons




Ardal Drychineb / Disaster Zone





 Cylch 2 / Cycle 2


Y Synhwyrau / Sensoria



Asiantaeth Deithio / Travel Agents




Plant y Chwyldro / Children of the Revolution