456 B DT

Ysgol Griffith Jones

Mr D Toms's Class

Dosbarth Myrddin



This is Mr Toms's class.  It is a large class with plenty of room for various activities, making it an excellent learning environment. Walls are bright making it an inviting class to learn in. The children in this class are taught through the medium of English with Welsh being taught as a second language.

Themau Bl 5 a 6 / Year 5 and 6 Themes


Tymor yr Hydref / Autumn Term

Tymor y Gwanwyn / Spring Term

Tymor yr Haf / Summer Term



Cylch 1 / Cycle 1


Pencampwyr / Champions


Troi a Llifo / Bend and Flow

Arwyr a Dihirod / Heroes and Villains




Ein Byd Rhyfeddol / What a Wonderful World





Cylch 2 / Cycle 2



Blits / Blitz





Crewr Bwystfilod / Beast Creator





Rhandir / Allotment