Bl 1 LJ

Ysgol Griffith Jones

Mrs C Jenner's Class

Dosbarth Gwenllian


The welsh stream Year 1 classroom is vibrant with colour, resources, happiness and full of fun. 

The class has been segregated into four colourful zones, which follows the requirement of the foundation phase. In the maths area we see our favourite work on numeracy and mathematics. We are very fortunate to have such good resources in order to work together through numbers. These resources include Numicon, number lines, centi grids, games, money, balance scales, measuring equipment, and all sorts of counters and objects. 

As we move onto the writing room, we have all the resources to develop our language and literacy. Within the writing room we see the classroom’s library, computers, the interactive white board, and the role play area. The art studio is located adjacent to the writing room, which is full of cutting and shaping tools, collage material, and many other resources which encourages the children’s creative side. 

The last zone concentrates on everything and everyone in the world. Here we discover all the scientific, geographic, historical and religious resources. This zone is filled with questions, curiosity, experimentation, facts and answers.

Themau Bl 1 a 2 / Year 1 and 2 Themes


Cylch 1 / Cycle 1

Cylch 2 / Cycle 2



 Tymor yr Hydref / Autumn Term

Archarwyr / Super Heroes


Albwm y Teulu / Family Album


Hapusrwydd / Happiness

Enfys Trydan / Electric Rainbow



 Tymor y Gwanwyn / Spring Term

Cerddorfa / Orchestra 

 Archfarchnad / Supermarket

Archwilwyr Cymuned / Community Explorers


Sŵ Bach / Small Zoo 



Tymor yr Haf / Summer Term

Tyfu Pethau / Growing


Cuddfannau a Dant y Llew / Dens and Dandelions


‘Drychwch! Tir!’ / Land Ahoy


Y Byd Mawr Crwn / Big Wide World