Derbyn 2 KJ

Ysgol Griffith Jones

Mrs K Jenkins's Class

Dosbarth Beca



The Reception and year 1 children in this class are taught through the medium of Welsh. 

We are fortunate in having colourful and interesting learning areas which inspire children. These areas surrounding the class offer challenges where the children can develop their independent learning skills, which prepare them for lifelong learning. We have notice boards around the classroom to celebrate and display the children’s work. 

In the quiet corner we have an interactive ‘Smart’ white board. In addition, the children use computers, laptops, iPads and iPods as part of their daily work. 

Around the classroom we have numerous other resources to help develop skills across the learning framework. 

We also take advantage of the outdoor area to participate in various activities that are essential in order to fulfil the requirements of the Foundation Phase. The new canopy allows outdoor learning in all weather conditions. There are resources in the outdoor environment to aid learning across the curriculum. 

Themau Methrin a Derbyn / Nursery and Reception Themes 


Cylch 1 / Cycle 1

Cylch 2 / Cycle 2


 Tymor yr Hydref / Autumn Term

Pawennau, Crafangau a Wisgers / paws, Claws and Whiskers

Pitran, Patran yn y Pyllau / Pitter, Patter, Play

Tywynnu a Pheldru / Glow and Glitter


Pan af i Gysgu / When I Fall Asleep



 Tymor y Gwanwyn / Spring Term

Chweldlau’r Ddraig / Dragon Tales

Brwydr y Dinosoriaid / Battle of the Dinosaurs



Bowns / Bounce

Tyllau, Gofodau a Chuddfannau / Holes, Spaces and Hiding Places 


 Tymor yr Haf / Summer Term

Pethau Pitw Bach / Teeny Tiny Things 

  Baw, Annibendod a Chymysgeddau / Muck, Mess and Mixtures 

Blasus / Scrumptious


Traeth / Beach