Ysgol Griffith Jones

School Achievements

Eco Schools

In August 2010 we received the good news that the School had been awarded the International School Gold award for the activities that we had partaken in over the last two years. 

The International School Award (ISA) is an accreditation scheme which recognises curriculum-based international work. It supports the cultural heritage of teachers, learners and communities leading to positive learning across schools.  

The ISA supports schools to develop: 

  • An international ethos embedded throughout the school.
  • A majority of pupils within the school impacted by and involved in international work.
  • Collaborative curriculum-based work with a number of partner schools.
  • Curriculum-based work across a range of subjects.
  • Year round international activity.
  • Involvement of the wider community Evaluation from a variety of sources allowing you to improve your activities and your international programme

Our 'International School Award’ has had a very positive impact on developing pupils’ awareness of the cultures of other countries, while still promoting an understanding of their own culture. The school is very proud of this award.